Join our X SCHOOL core program!

We have a rolling enrollment for each month, to enable students to join our annual core program throughout the year.

“This is an extraordinary program, like none other I have seen, that combines such needed subjects together through interactive engaging classes and projects.”

– X SCHOOL Parent

Core Program = 10 Monthly Topics

1 Monthly Topic = 4 Weekly Missions + monthly X Project

1 Weekly Mission = 3 classes (on-line and off-line)

Choose the location nearest to you.

We currently have programs in the following locations:

Chaoyang Park


Shine City – Shunyi

“My daughter really likes X SCHOOL – she designed and made a tree house out of cardboard and learns how to work with others, and gains more English skills.”

– X SCHOOL Parent

Try a Demo Class!

We invite your child to try a demo class to experience our curriculum first hand and work with other children to do a project or activity. Parents will receive an assessment feedback report sent to their phones, including personal photos of your child in the demo class, and our observational assessment of their knowledge and competencies demonstrated in this class.

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Protecting Animal Habitats

Learn about different animal habitats, and how to protect animals, and in teams create your own desert, jungle, ocean or grasslands.

City Builder

Learn about what buildings and people are important for a community and creatively design and build your own city in teams!