What is X SCHOOL’s unique approach?


At X SCHOOL what will your child receive?

  • Personal Development Plan and monthly action plan
  • Weekly feedback and monthly assessment reports
  • Engaging learning experience with 12 students and 2 teachers
  • Immersion in an English language environment
  • Global connections with students
  • Enhanced 21st century competencies
  • Expanded knowledge in key areas
  • Personalized coaching and classes based on their learning needs

Our Curriculum Model

X SCHOOL = Applied Knowledge + 21st Century Core Competencies

We have examined research from the World Economic Forum to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) in the US to determine the top skills and competencies that employers currently seek, and will seek in the next 5 years. This has formed the foundation of our curriculum. The top 5 skills employers and universities want are:

  • Team Work

  • Problem Solving

  • Communication

  • Creativity

  • Emotional Intelligence

Curriculum Structure

We deliver our curriculum as an enrichment program in the afternoons and weekends at our Community Centres, partner schools, and in some living compounds. It is an annual curriculum with two 5-month terms, and each month has a different topic and culminates in the student’s monthly project showcase.

Core Program = 10 Monthly Topics

1 Monthly Topic = 4 Weekly Missions + monthly X Project

1 Weekly Mission = 3 classes (on-line and off-line)




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We also offer holiday camps and overseas learning programs that foster practical learning through our curriculum in the summer and Chinese New Year holiday!

Our Teachers

We refer to our teachers as facilitators of learning. They help inspire, encourage, guide, and support our students to develop their full potential. Our teachers are native English speakers and all have experience teaching overseas and/or in China. They hail from diverse backgrounds and share a global mindset open to opinions and exploring.

We also have partner students from around the world that participate in activities, and example students from top overseas universities that provide hands on connection to life overseas.

We have our own teacher training institute and provide in depth training and coaching to both our teachers and teaching assistants, and even train teachers at various schools on being a 21st century teacher.